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Name: carin
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: orlando. fl

Color: blue
Movie: pirates of the carribean
Band: mmm ill just put FALL OUT BOY!!!!
Genre of Music: it varies..
Song: tell that mick he just made my list of things to do today, grenade jumper
Album: don't have one
Book: speak
Hobby: sleeping, listening to music, eating
Store: gadzooks, journeys, target
Tv Show: real world, road rules, 4play
Word: supercalafragalisticexpialadotious
Profanity: haha i dont know
Quote: "Nothing gross comes out of a body like this"- pete wentz

\\Do you//
Drink: yea
Smoke: NO
Do Drugs: no
Have Any Piercings (if so, where): 5, ears
Have Any Tattoos (if so, what of): nope :(
Vote (or plan on voting when of legal age): no

Homosexuality/Gay Marriage: im for it
George Bush: grr
Religion: isn't important to me
Abortion: i don't think theres anything wrong with it, if its done i think it should be within the first tri-mester
Communism: dont care
Scenes: are overrated
Seperation Between Church and State: dont care
Smoking: is disgusting
Drugs: are bad?
Drinking: is alright
sXe: im not, but i think its cool
Love: is a beautiful, but rare thing
Hate: is everywhere
The World: is fucked
Yourself: lonley, but content

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