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Mod. Application

I figured what the hell, even though I'm the mod. I may as well fill out this little application thingy too since I'm making you all.

Age: 16, almost 17
Sex: Female
Location: Orlando, Florida...yes, America's wang.

Color: Black
Movie: Wayy too many to list!
Band: Just got to my user info for this...there are wayy too many to list.
Genre of Music: Punk, grind, ska, emo, hardxcore, alternative...just about everything.
Song: Hmm...depends on the band
Album: Again, depends on the band
Book: "The Death Of A Revolutionary: Che Guevara's Last Mission", "Dante's Inferno", etc.
Hobby: Uhh...music?
Store: I prefer online shopping; interpunk, smartpunk, merchnow, etc.
Tv Show: That 70's Show, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, etc.
Word: ...dunno.
Profanity: FUCK
Quote: "It's a very disgusting time, I mean humanity has just degenerated slowly, actually quickly. And it's very obvious this time that people's values are really, really skewed and I think people place a lot of importance on things that shouldn't be placed important. People are following dogma's blindly and it's resulting in a very, very, very, distructive society. There's a huge selfishness in the world that's really, really, disheartening and disgusting."- Davey Havok, etc.

\\Do you//
Smoke: Nope
Do Drugs: Nope
Have Any Piercings (if so, where): 8 in total. 3 holes in each ear lobe; and 2 in my left cartilidge; plan on getting many.
Have Any Tattoos (if so, what of): Not yet, but plan on getting some.
Vote (or plan on voting when of legal age): I am sure as hell gunna vote!

Homosexuality/Gay Marriage:
All for it! Whose to say it wrong? Exactly, so 200% for it.
George Bush: He's an idiot who got lucky, bought some votes and is now in office making our country shitter by the minute...If he gets re-elected; we're fucked.
Religion: Well, I'm more-or-less aetheist; and I don't agree with a lot of organized religions so I have mixed emotions on religion. If you're into it, cool; just don't go around preaching. If you're not into it, cool; still doesn't give you a right to bash it.
Abortion: I am against it; but I also believe that it's the woman's choice. I don't agree with the action, but I do believe the decision should be available.
Communism: Looks great on paper, but would never work.
Scenes: Not really into them. I don't understand them. Be who you are, why try and fit in with a scene? Pointless...
Seperation Between Church and State: Definatly. Religion and politics will never go hand in hand. And for all you fuckers trying to get the "under god" part taken out of the pledge...you're lame! Get over it! Don't say it if you're gunna bitch about it.
Smoking: Fucking stupid! I hate to admit that I've done it in the past, but seeing what it does to people and watching people kill themselves slowly like that is just uncool. Can't you think of a more creative way to kill yourself or something? I despise smoking and will never fucking do it ever again in my life.
Drugs: Against them. Why fuck yourself up like that? Dependency is a sign of weakness. If you're that fucking weak, then I pity you. Take care of yourself for Christ's sake!
Drinking: Again...I've done it before but don't plan on doing it ever again. Personally, I don't like who I am when I'm drunk or like that. I'm not against it, it's a common thing. I'm against abusing it, and I don't plan to ever drink again. I've made a promise to myself and I am refusing to break it.
sXe: 200% for it. Duh, I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or have casual sex...Hmm, just seems like a really intersting/healthy way to live your life. I've felt pretty damn good these past 5 months or so. I'm not saying it's for everyone, but I definatly agree with it.
Love: I think that today's society has taken this supposed thing called "love" and morphed it into something completely different from what it was orignated to be. In essence, I don't believe in real, true love. We've killed it, and it's now non-exsistant. Just look around at whats happening in the world, then try to justify that love is real...
Hate: I fully believe in hate. Again, look at the word today. It's disgusting.
The World: Disheartening, disgusting, inhumane...disappointing.
Yourself: Uhh, I try not to think about that. Heh

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